The Pavilion Bistro, Birtle, Bury


More than just a top-quality independent restaurant, the Pavilion Bistro is the hub of village life and the envy of the North West. There’s always something happening, someone to talk to, somewhere to go, whether you are dropping in for a morning coffee with your newspaper or enjoying a leisurely lunch with one of your neighbours.

Come the evening, the Pavilion transforms into a stylish dining venue, offering a tempting menu of traditional tastes created using the finest produce available from across the UK, including lobster and crab fresh from the West Wales coast, with fresh daily deliveries.

We’re delighted this esteemed establishment has chosen to be a part of our community, giving residents access to quality and choice from talented chefs right on their doorstep.

Not only is the Pavilion convenient for meeting up with your fellow residents, it is also the ideal place to entertain visiting friends and family, giving them a taste of the luxury lifestyle you enjoy every day.

As a Birtle Brook resident, your Priority Pass gives you 20% off your bill every time you visit the Pavilion, making your visit as affordable as it is enjoyable.

Less than two minutes from your door

Elegant Afternoon Teas and an exceptional great British menu

Houses our very own Crown bowling green

Exclusive Priority Pass